Goldig Films was founded in Hong Kong by Gouw Hiap Kian (Alex Gouw) in the late-1960・s. Originally a distributor of international movies, the company・s business activities extended to acquisitions of local movies, production as well as cinema ownership and operations. We dominated Indonesia・s market of Chinese movies in the 1970s, and was a buyer of movies from regional movie conglomerates including Cathay Organisation and Shaw Brothers Studio.

Between 1970 and 1983, Goldig Films produced and distributed of over 150 Hong Kong and overseas movies. The consistent quality, box-office revenue and distribution sales of our movies achieved reputable recognitions by the industry across Asia. During years when Hong Kong ranked as the world・s second largest movie-production markets, Goldig Films played a significant role.The successes of Hong Kong movies had shaped the modern Chinese arts and culture worldwide. We also managed to apply significant profits from our movie business and diversified our capital into investments in different industries. Our movies were shown locally and in countries throughout the world・s five continents.





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